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Physiotherapist Camberwell

You are working with your body every day and putting pressures on it in your busy working life and lifestyle pursuits and sometimes it doesn’t quite give back what you’re hoping for. Injuries and pain will come sooner or later as you push yourself to perform better and don’t take the necessary steps to take care of your body. This is where Melbourne Muscular Therapies can help you through treatment at our Camberwell clinic.

Many people liken our unique treatment to Physiotherapy and even call us physiotherapists, however there are many core differences in our philosophy and approach to treatment that substantially differentiate our service to that which a trained physiotherapist will provide.

Effectively we tailor our treatments to the needs of the individual, one of the core frustrations we have received by many people over the years is that many of the practitioners they have seen, ranging from physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and myotherapists are too rigid in their approach. We have learned from this feedback and ensured we have surrounded ourselves with some terrific practitioners from all modalities, namely physiotherapy and ensured that we are providing the best knowledge and service each from each modality.

Melbourne Muscular Therapies specialises in chronic pain and sports injuries and offers rehabilitation services for a variety of pain and injuries. Our clinic in Camberwell aims to get injured athletes and or individuals back on track by using personalised programs and techniques that make muscles and joints function to their full potential. Our facility in Camberwell is well equipped to offer a complete rehabilitation program for sport and occupational injuries, as well as for coping with the ageing process and injuries from accidents.

We can help you if you are suffering from pain and dysfunction, to rehabilitate and improve by utilising natural techniques. It uses various techniques to treat all physical disorders.

Our practitioners in Camberwell have complete knowledge on the movement of the body. They have education and training in assessing and improving movement and function, as well as relieving pain. Our practitioners are proficient in treating any problem or difficulty that affects our nerves, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints, and muscles.

We use a specific treatment called Solidified Connective Tissue Release® (SCT Release®) designed to promote quick recovery and when combined with our NMF Power Training® it helps to prevent recurrence of injuries.